Magic the Gathering life counter app for iPhone and iPod Touch!

Awesome Magic Life Counter is built from the ground up to keep track of your Magic: the Gathering games with style and ease! Keep track of all of the most common game scenarios, such as poison, EDH/commander, life totals, and more! Complete with animated dice rolls and coin flips. AMLC is the top life counter on the App store!

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Life Counter

Easily keep track of life for up to four players by using +1, -1, +5 and -5! Life counter defaults to 20 life, but the options screen lets you choose from several presets to make setting up different kinds of games a breeze!

Poison Counters

A simple and intuitive posion counter interface allows you to easily keep track of poison counters! Built in poison rules make it obvious when someone has taken 10 counters, but let you keep going incase your house rules differ!


Awesome Magic Life Counter comes with a full-featured EDH Commander system in place! Keep track of not only how much commander damage has been dealt, but quickly and easily see who's dealt how much commander damage to whom! When a player hits 21 from any one source, they lose!

Animated Dice Roll

An animated dice roll that allows you to roll up to 4 twenty-sided (d20) dice! Simply by touching the dice icon, the animated dice will overlay each player's life total. This way, there's no question as to who rolled what. Programmed for total randomness!

Animated Coin Flip

If your play group or metagame is anything like ours, you've got some friends who make heavy use of coin flips. Now you can flip a coin at the touch of a button, with a nice animation and an original 1909 VDB wheat penny! Props if you know why that's special!

Save Player Names

You can name each player with whatever name you choose! Simply open up the options dialog, and select the player name that you'd like to change. This way, there's no confusion as to whose life total is who's. Player names even save for the next time you play!


Take a look at the life counter in action!


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